Monday, February 18, 2008

My laptop arrived on Friday. Don't tell James, but he sent me the wrong power cord. The one he sent me does not fit my laptop. So I went & bought a new one on Saturday. Ouch, they are expensive. I spent some time loading software this weekend, and some time playing video games. My trip to see my mom didn't happen, so I had the time.

The weather today is absolutely gorgeous. We got a little rain last night and today it's unseasonably warm. The clouds cleared out by late morning, giving me a beautiful sunny day to enjoy at lunch.

books: re-read Goblin Quest & then read Wild Horses by Dick Francis.

scarf: now reaches from fingertip to elbow with just a tad bit of stretch.

tatting: still trying to get that knot undone. It was too damp & too bumpy this morning. I'll take it to the meeting on Saturday.

clothes: jeans & t-shirt on Saturday, jeans & sweatpants on Sunday. Today it's ~slippers, black slacks, thin black socks, brown/black Vorkosigan polo, dragon jewelry (2 rings, necklace & earrings), hematite band, black Celtic knot belt & buckle, French braided hair.

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