Friday, February 29, 2008

I have a headache. I took an aleve an hour and a half ago, so it's only painful instead of excruciating.

: finished the 3rd round on my way into work this morning. As I rode home last night I had the opportunity to show it to a couple people. One has seen me tatting before; the other one had never seen tatting before & had never heard of it.

books: started reading Willing, the sequel to Ready, last night. I brought a Dick Francis book to work with me but I may not have a chance to read. I'll be doing my taxes at lunch. Whee.

TV: we watched the 2nd episode of Coupling last night. I hadn't seen that one before. It's funny. Then we watched The Princess Diaries, but I went to bed before the end.

clothes: same old same old from the waist down, black Origins shirt, grey cord vest (that covers up the Origins logo), dragon jewelry (Welsh dragon pewter earrings, silver pendant & 2 rings), and braided hair. So far I don't need a bandage this morning, but if I do, I'm pulling out another fairy one.

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