Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tried to go out to PF Chang's last night for our belated Valentine's supper. It was completely socked in. The parking lot was full, complete with parking space vultures. We couldn't figure out why, so we just went to Ted's Montana Grill instead.

Afterwards, we stopped by B&N so Chris could use his gift cert. I bought 3 books, restrained for me. My knee was hurting & the incoming storm front was playing havoc with my headache.

books: I finished the Hourglass. It was good, unexpected & unusual. It was a supernatural Regency. The Earl is an agent of death, a former knight in the Crusades (aka the Frankish Invasion) who has cheated his way back to life. Now he has 6 months to regain his humanity or be the Devil's pawn. Her reputation is in shreds, her family has disowned her and her unlamented husband just died, leaving her penniless. Now I'm reading Dancing with Werewolves.

tonight it's Mutants Masterminds, I think. David hasn't sent out a reminder.

clothes: black halfboots, black jeans, same vest, purple turtleneck, amethyst ring, amethyst pendant, purple Czech crystal earrings, under-French braid, purple/frost bead bracelet, Celtic knot ring, hematite band & purple elastic on the hair.

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