Monday, February 25, 2008

The tatting get-together on Saturday was fun. About half a dozen of us were there and we chatted and tatted. I finally finished my bookmark, by cheating. I gave up on that knot and joined to the ring itself, then finished up. I fray-cheked it to death & hope it holds. Guess I won't be giving that one away. But I have the idea of it now.

I finished the single thread block star yesterday. It looks pretty good. I've started the split chain star but I need to practice the split chain just a little more.

Went to FE's sale yesterday & kept to my budget. I bought 3 game books, Girl Genius manga vol 1, and my regular stuff. That was it. I wanted to pick up some of those used videos (Here is Greenwood & Ranma 1/2) but I just didn't have the money. Witch Hunter still hasn't showed up. I talked to Rick, the owner, and he was telling me that they have 9 game books on backorder with the potential of it being 12 when the order arrives on Wednesday.

books: read Goblin War, Sizzle & Burn on Saturday. Goblin War might be the last book but there's potential for more. Sizzle & Burn is the 3rd Arcane Society book and it's good. I'm looking forward to the next one.

TV: I watched an old (taped) episode of Psych & a couple episodes of Tactics (anime). We watched a new (to US) Japanese game show, Unbeatable Banzuke.

Saturday, the washing machine decided to break. I think it's just the lid switch but that means that I need to order it & then we need to replace it. In the meantime, we can't wash clothes because the water from the last load is still there. The spin dry function is broken.

This morning I'm off to donate blood, or try. My appointment is early so I'm going to work afterwards.

clothes: On Saturday I wore a Palmetto Tat days t-shirt with my jeans. Yesterday it was a knife and blood-red roses t-shirt. Today it's black jeans, black half-boots, dark green Gettysberg souvenir polo shirt, Celtic knot jewelry.

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