Thursday, February 28, 2008

tv: Watched an episode of Alias Smith & Jones and then a couple episodes of Coupling. I was laughing so hard that I literally had trouble breathing. Either I'm very tense or that was intensely funny. I think it might have been the 1st episode because it had the group of 6 meeting/getting together.

I read a little bit in a pocket prayer guide (suggestions on positive thinking really) since it was too cold to tat as I waited for the bus yesterday. I tried but only managed one chain & one ring before giving up. I finished re-reading Ready this morning.

Computer games:
I finished another stage in Age of Empires & fully upgraded all the equipment in my 4th or 5th store in Paradise Pet Salon.

: I think my thread is size 20, not 10. I need to find some that is definitely 10 & check. I finished the 2nd round yesterday & made a good start on the 3rd round today. The commute this morning was particularly long. The shuttle that I'm using holds 4 yards so it takes 4 yards on the shuttle to do the 1st 2 rounds (plus one itty bitty butterfly - 4ppp4 & 2p2 wings).

I've also gotten the idea to do the snood again, with beads! I can see already where the beads go; on all the free picots. The 1st round would have 8 ~larger beads, 16 seed beads for the rings & 8 seed beads for the chains. No beads on the 2nd round; all the picots are for joins.

clothes: same as yesterday from the waist down but it's lot colder so it's grey cord vest & bright pink turtleneck, same jewelry, except ~rope band instead of onxy ring, and pink fairy bandage over my hand where I scratched it yesterday. I drew blood & it still stings.

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