Tuesday, February 12, 2008

book reviews from weekend's reading:

Magical JxR starts somewhat picaresque. It's the story of 2 wizard students who are partners despite their powers being complete opposites; fire & water. The end story/chapter seems to indicate the rest of the volumes will follow what happens to them just after they graduate.

Reluctant Rogue is mostly a typical Regency romance. There are a few differences; he's (almost) blatantly desperate for an heiress; so he can get out of his father's domination. She's the much plainer & much-less well-dowered younger sister. Her dowry is really just as big, but it's land & horses, not cash. It's an enjoyable but not unforgettable read.

It's time for Pantheon High homecoming. Too bad most of the students are still asleep from the spell in the 1st volume. And two of the students who saved them all are still stuck in the Underworld. Volume 2: Hades & Homecoming.

My copy of White Lies, by Krentz & book 2 of Arcane Society, arrived and I read it Sunday. It's pretty good. Good enough that I went to zooba & put book 3 on buy immediately.

Larceny & Old Lace is either the 1st or 2nd book of the Den of Antiquity mystery series by Tamar Myers. The protagonist is Abigail Timberlake of Rock Hill SC & Charlotte NC. I've been to both so I recognize the patterns & some of the places. This is a very Southern culture & I loved it. I bought a bunch of them at the used bookstore & I'll be looking for more.

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