Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flattered & angry: Someone like the picture of the tatted scrunchy that I made so much, that she swiped it for her own tatting gallery. The funny thing is, if she had asked permission or just given credit/given the source, I wouldn't be upset. I would gladly, thrilled & flattered, have given her permission to use the photo, just asked for a little credit ('tatted by' sort of thing). As soon as I found her address, I sent her a polite email requesting that she remove the image. She does have a nice collection of patterns and she's selling a cd of patterns (from what I can tell) but using my image, without credit, is a form of false advertising I feel.

Family: Tonight I go meet Dad & the stepmom for supper. It's just as well. Chris leaves early tomorrow for Ottercon, with Rosemary, so he's sleeping in Raleigh tonight for an earlier start. I have Dad's Father's Day present, I wrapped it this morning. I used one of the 2007 calendars that I bought for a $1 to wrap it. I arranged it so that the lighthouse image is just off center of the front of the package.

Tatting: I finished the Maltese Ring bookmark this morning, despite a broken hook on one shuttle & running out of thread 1 ring & 2 chains short of the end. The rest of the thread on the shuttles will become the bookmark tassel. I'll try to take a picture & add it to my blog tonight. However, that will be after supper.

Gaming: I've almost finished the 4e character that I made as I read the PHB. She's a half-elf fey pact warlock. I went with the deceptive warlock build; a little stereotypical but not bad.


"Generic" Joe Tortuga said...

Anything on the internet is free to be linked to and used, within reason, I think. Oh, sure, it's your copyright, and you can protect it.

But really, common courtesy of asking really goes a long way. Especially within a smaller community like I imagine tatters to be. At the very least give credit and point back to the person whose work you're quoting/using.

Oh, and I'm finding I like half-elves as much as I liked humans in 3e (which was a lot).

Sewicked said...

What I really didn't like was the implication (via the little copyright 2008 at the bottom of the webpage) that it was her image.

If someone had simply linked to it, that would at least indicate origin.

And I really need to play the fey pact warlock in something to really she how she shakes out.

Sharon said...

Don't just get irritated, name names so that others know to be wary of the person. I have seen numerous complaints of this sort recently and every time I see it, my first thought is who IS this jerk ripping off the tatting community? I think if every time it happened people just said 'X' took my picture for their site, other people would become aware that the things shown aren't hers and they would be wary of buying anything from her because like you said it is false advertising.

Sewicked said...

You're right. There's the website; the page with her contact email at the bottom.