Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I wonder if anyone really reads my posts. This is after all an on-line journal. It's more for my own thoughts and memories than for anyone's perusal. Still, I wonder.


Tatting: I am working on the Workbasket snood again. My first attempt, after 3 rounds, is suitable for a doll and nothing else. It fits quite well over my fingertip. It will nowhere near hold my hair. This time, I'm doing a better job of reading the pattern & looking at the picture. That makes a huge difference. Right now, I'm tatting off the thread on the shuttle. It's not enough for the next round so I'm making some butterflies.

I wanted to join Jane E's Tat It And See but I didn't have a button. I may well try it later.

Mark Myers, aka Tatman, will be in the area in 2 weeks to teach his Jacobean Flower Spray. I need to send my money to the organizer for my share of the costs (including food and his travel).

Books: I am so ashamed. I broke down & bought 4E D&D books.

I've been reading Thrift Score & re-reading old favorites recently. Despite have 3 spiffy birthday books to read, I've been going to standbys instead.

Family: I went to visit Mom this past weekend. I hadn't seen her since April. May was a nuts month for me. She bought me a birthday present, despite the fact that I reminded her that my TomTom was a Christmas/birthday present already. She bought me a couple 1gig thumb drives ($8 at Big Lots) & a hands free earpiece for my phone.

I've been helping her clean out her apartment. She's a child of the Depression and has the hoarding mentality so common in that generation. However, she's come to the realization that she's 70 & will not live long enough to use all that shampoo/soap/etc. So we've been packing up stuff to go to charitable organizations (nursing home, Salvation Army, etc).

Mom's getting older. She got tired after only an hour of sorting and cleaning. The heat may have contributed, as her AC still is not fully functional. Despite all that, we got a lot done.

I talked to Dad on the phone, he called Sunday after I got back home. He & Kathy bought me a case for my TomTom. I've dropped it a couple times; that's why I asked for a case. I don't leave it my car, so it's often going back & forth and risks being dropped again.

Weather: I've been wearing skirts recently. It's been a record setting heat wave, hit the century mark in the heat index and sometimes in actuality. It's too [string of expletives deleted] early for it to be this hot. Even my handfan isn't helping, maybe I should carry a spray bottle.

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"Generic" Joe Tortuga said...

Well, you aren't entirely alone on the blogosphere. Some old friend might stumble by at an opportune time, for example.

I ran one of the 4e modules, the one that starts the Living Forgotton Realms piece, and got a PHB for my fun. I'm reading through it now, and we may be playing it quite a bit, so don't feel bad. One of these days I'll play a more story oriented game with them, I'm sure.