Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tatting: I'm taking a break from the snood to work on the eTatters June challenge from the monthly challenge group. I'm trying to make a Maltese ring bookmark. I'm not certain that I'm doing it right. It looks a little odd.

Weather: It's 'cooler' today. By that, the weather folks don't think it will hit triple digits, just the mid-90's. Whoop ti freaking do. Still skirt weather as far as I'm concerned. At least we're not getting hit with tornadoes.

Poetry: I entered a haiku into a little contest, haikus were on a specific theme. I entered three & they chose one to compete against other entries. I got runner up. Not bad for a haiku about records management. And the people who got them said that they really enjoyed them and they will probably show up in the newsletter. (haikus are below)

Computer game: I'm playing Virtual Villagers 3. I lost 1 & 2 when my hard drive crashed but at least I'd finished them. I also have the other usual suspects; Diner Dash (almost done, again), Fashion Solitaire, all 3 Carrie the Caregiver games and a couple find the object games. I really like the ones that I can try first. I've only gotten burned twice in that after an hour the game sucked. One was Nanny Mania. The other 2 levels were basically repetitions of the 1st one. Bleah.

Retention schedule?
What is it and where is ours?
Oh; this is quite old.

These records are old.
Check the retention schedule,
Then shred what should be.

one entry:

Shred these records, now.
Can't, schedule says they're not old.
Two more years, then shred.

And the winner:

We have a schedule?
Yes, we do; have you seen it?
Do you follow it?

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