Friday, June 20, 2008

Tatting: As Sharon said, if I don't publish this person's identification, she could be ripping off other people. So, go to and look through the gallery. See anything familiar? Know the tatter? Let that tatter know. To add to the sadness, a portion of the items in her tatting gallery are actually crochet. Yet she claims to be a tatter.

I finished the Maltese Ring bookmark yesterday & even put on the tassel. I have even taken a couple pictures. Now I need to post them (I'll edit this post or add a new one when I have them).

Books: I read a new one, Dead To Me; urban fantasy quasi-noir. The protagonist is a former psychometric thief (he could read the history of objects -great way to authenticate something). He's given up his criminal ways to join a secret government agency that's understaffed & underfunded; that deals with the weird. There's a 'things that go bump in the night' division for example. A funny thing, I couldn't remember the title so I did a search using these words: fish cultist psychometry NYC. I found it. *snicker*

Work: My office is even more of a disaster area than usual. I've been cleaning out my desk and file cabinets in preparation for the refurbishment. I've done a lot of shredding and tossing. And some packing. Wheeeee.

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