Friday, June 27, 2008

Gaming: We picked up where we left off two weeks ago; with thousands of alien, glowing things scattering out of the excavated spaceship. Our characters found out that the crew was long dead, due to an interstellar disaster. It was a generational colony ship that due to an unfortunate occurrence had suffered racial sterility & died off in a couple generations. The ship was fully automated and the things that the Freedom League had fought had been constructs.

As our heroes learned more about what they had been fighting, and their origins, they got an emergency call. Those things were in Vancouver and we taking apart structures there to build there own. Several people were dead; including the Canadian super hero team. The Northern Guard had destroyed several of the constructs so that the Freedom League were only facing a dozen of the things. There were more still working on the structure but they ignored anyone who did not interfere in their work.

Alas, they managed to finish their structure (1 villain point spent) & sent out a signal. A few days later, something was detected heading for Earth, fast. Is it cynical that when the alien emerged from his ship promising a new golden age all of Freedom League were instantly suspicious?

I did find out that my gamemaster sometimes reads my blog; he found it due to the M&M mentions.

I was a little tired after gaming. When I got home I was feeling a little out of it; so much so that I forgot to lock the door. Geesh.

Work/bus: I was almost late yesterday. There was an accident by my house, right in the bus's route. A sedan T-boned a jeep/SUV, yeah, the sedan looked totaled. The delay was caused by the flatbed tow truck taking it away. The jeep/SUV had a dent in its door; low on its door.

Work: It's been a day already. I took a few last minute things out of my office and checked a few more things before settling down to get some work done. Alas, I had no network connection yet. I tried to use a co-worker's computer; that was a barely mitigated disaster. I finally had to physically turn off the computer to log off. That bad.

I finally got my network set up about 10:30 am. Which is when the movers showed up. So I showed them a few things & got out the elevator key for them to use. It hit noon & I was starving. I got at least two things on my to-do list crossed off before I went to lunch. A good thing, I was starting to get dizzy, at least mentally.

I think that I'll take a nap when I get home. I'm very sleepy.

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