Monday, June 16, 2008

Health: I'm starting to wonder if I'm coming down with something; other than hypochondria, I mean. My mood's way off and I'm massively tired. Everything irritates, even stuff that shouldn't. Bleah.

Work: I got the news today that my boss went into the hospital with double pneumonia. I picked up a card for him at lunch. Most of the people in the office have signed it; I'll need to see who I missed yesterday.

Tatting: I started to work a little on the Maltese ring bookmark. I'm almost done, but I broke the hook on the tatting shuttle. I had to put it away, just too frustrating.

I rarely wax philosophical in my posts, not sure why. Am I too light-minded? Do I just not feel like sharing with the entire internet? Do I just not feel like all that typing? I honestly don't know.

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