Friday, August 15, 2008

Computer games: I have a guilty secret. I bought another one (or 4) yesterday. It was one of those, buy 4 get 45% off on all of them. They are all ones that I have played the trial download & liked. I am playing them one at a time, to extend the playing pleasure I guess. Right now I'm playing Jojo's Fashion Show. It's a strategy game; put together 'looks', like Western or Surf, from the offered garments. Get points for garments that match the 'look' better, there are key words involved.

Today I'm supposed to get my new computer at work. And it's one that tracks internet usage. So I'll have to limit how much time I spend posting, etc. *sigh*

Aaaand here he is. I guess I'll just post this. I planned to write more. Oh well.

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