Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Someone really startled me this morning. It’s raining a bit and I was crossing a side street when I saw, out from under the umbrella, a car swerve, almost like it was about to hit me and pulled aside. It turned out, it was just someone trying to get directions. Luckily, I knew where to find his destination and could point him the right way. And as he drove off, he apologized for scaring me.

Health: I have not been getting enough sleep. I keep going to bed way too late for me. Of course, then I’m exhausted on the weekend. Big surprise, huh.

Gaming: I'’ve created 2 characters in 4e D&D. One’s a half-elf fey-pact warlock & the other is a
dragonborn cleric, both from Aglarond. Rosemary found out something though, so I had to
correct the cleric’s deity. I had her worshipping Bahamut but the dragonborn don'’t really believe that Bahamut is good, they don’t trust him. So one, even one raised by elves, probably wouldn'’t worship him either.

After reading the rituals section (final chapter), I have decided the cleric’s 2nd feat (2nd level). It will have to be skill training. Because as it stands, there’s only one ritual that she can cast at 1st level. There are not any others that she can cast but there is only one 1st level spell that uses Heal, none that use Religion; of the rest, one uses Nature & the rest use Arcane. Guess what skill she’ll get training in at 2nd level. Did you guess Arcane? I knew you would. And you’'d be right.

I think I'’ll make up one character of each ‘type’; defender, leader, striker &
controller. I already have 1 leader & 1 striker. That way, if/when I play Living
Forgotten Realms, I can bring whatever type is needed to the table.

Weather: It's RAINING! Actually it's storming off & on. So far, I've managed to avoid getting soaked. I know at least two people who haven't, avoided getting soaked that is. Hopefully it will soak into the ground and start restoring some of the water table.

tatting: My watch chain broke. I tried to tat a new fob but the thread broke. It's an older thread, that plus my tight tatting and the very large ring was a recipe for disaster.


"Generic" Joe Tortuga said...

Is the Bahamut comment something from the DM's campaign? I know that in the beginning module, the dragonborn Paladin does worship Bahamut.

Obviously DM's caveat overrides official canon, but sounds like the FR have them doing that. Unless it's an error in the module (but not one I've seen in errata).

Sewicked said...

It's a Living Forgotten Realms thing, I think. It's part of the setting; I think. I need to find out where Rosemary saw this and take a look for myself.