Thursday, August 07, 2008

Journal: I wrote in my journal everyday on the trip. I almost finished the journal. I wrote everything from 'time & temperature when we stopped for food' to my impressions of the scenery. I'll try to add selections later. We'll see.

Work has not been a lot of fun. I had 18 voice mail messages waiting for me. One dated from the Sunday after I left. Apparently no one had the password. Of the 18, two were for the same call (got interrupted), two were for Derek, one for Mike, one in response to a call that I'd made before I left and the rest of them were for vending. Then there's all the data entry for the reports. I'm almost caught up on those. Almost.

I had my dentist appointment yesterday. And it's official. I cannot face the dentist chair without drugs. I had to delay my appointment until I got a prescription filled and had a chance to take it.

Gaming: Tonight is Mutants & Masterminds, I still don't know if Diana will be giving me a ride or not.

My stomach's been upset all day. I think it's the aftereffects from the migraine (tension induced).

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