Monday, August 25, 2008

Gaming: The game on Sunday was entertaining. My character finally met her goddess, or at least her goddess's avatar; that's a thrill. There was a lot of humor found, between her teaching the little drow orphans to pray (much to the dismay of the Torm paladin, who couldn't find a reason why he should a object, just felt vaguely that he should) to the tiefling's appreciation of the Drow dancig..aaaaaand the revelation that some god had already marked the agnostic/atheist tiefling. Rosemary is still chortling about that; she won't tell him who.

Tonight we're still invading the giant's keep. We've found the artifact, sort of. We just need to fight/trick our way through several giants and some scorpion-worshiping drow. Yeah, that'll be easy.

Work: the end is in sight. I've managed to shrug off the easier part, and the data entry, onto my assistant. Now I just need to do the other stuff that's been on the backburner & get it done.

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