Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend: Saturday was a visit to a lovely bead store that regrettably is going out of business. Anitra & I stocked up. I was good though, I stayed in my budget. I also got the oil in my car changed. The mechanic was quite disapproving as my car was almost dry. ooops *blush*

Sunday, Mom came by for a visit. Too bad that it was so late that I couldn't get anything else done. I did have a nice time showing her some of my pictures.

But we did not go see movies as we had planned. 8-{

tatting: I screwed up the checkerboard doily. I am so sick of that thing. I am more than half-tempted to just simply stop. I might sew it onto something, someday, once I no longer want to throw it across the room.

Chris is so sweet. I was in a pissy mood on Saturday so he bought me an art book. It's drawing samurai & ninja manga/anime style.

It's late & I'm off to bed.

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