Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gaming: Tough fight last night in Chris's game. The giants were pretty stock, a couple hill giants and a trio of frost giants. But they were supported by a couple Drow arcane casters. Kelis went negative (-6 hit points) but autostabilized. Then the scout and the warmage poured enough healing potions down her throat to get her to positive. By that time, the giants were dead and our group was hunting the two casters who were under the effects of a greater invisibility spell. Our cleric was sick so my druid and potions or wands was all the healing that we had. Since our cleric was gone last session, Kelis had some healing spells prep'ed. Good thing, too. She used at least one & maybe two of them, plus a mass lesser vigor. No one else went to negative hit points, but at least two others were in single digits.

Next time, we continue our search for the missing Elf relic and kill more evil giants.

Weather: it was pleasantly cool this morning. How refreshing.

TV: I found the remote last night, so we're going to put off buying a new tv, at least for a couple months. We taped the Olympic equestrian events last nigh; and I'm going to check the online schedule to record some other things, too.

site of the day: Angry Chicken, eco/hippy/treehugger but practical

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