Monday, October 09, 2006

Blech. As in, I feel just lousy. I only came in to work to finish the monthly spreadsheets (I had 3 left on Friday). Now they are done & I've taken care of one or two other little things (returned mail, personnel updates, etc). I'm about to head home.

Unfortunately, I just missed the last bus until 1:30. So, I think I'll get some lunch & then decide if I feel well enough to come back to work or if I'll go and curl up in some corner until my bus comes.

Today's outfit: black Origins button-down shirt (has an red & yellow dragon ~yin-yang w/ a blue & light blue dragon above the breast pocket), black jeans, black socks (that are driving me nuts), black tassel loafers, dragon pendant, dragon earrings, dragon band ring, dragon ring, flower band, lapis lazuli center flower ring & my hair was plaited the elastic fell out so now it's loose.

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