Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Whole lot of 'nothing' I feel much better today, despite only getting 6 hours of sleep last night. I just sat on the couch & tried to nap when I got home. I didn't do anything constructive until 5:30 when I put a small load of laundry into the machine.

Chris's D&D game was last night, plus we gave John his birthday presents (a copy of Spell Compendium & a book by John Matthews). We had to stop in the middle of the fight, it was 10:30 pm. We've taken out all the small fry, that leaves the giant, two lizardmen & the spellcasters. Luckily I think we still have most of our spells.

Today I went to the Star Heels Kick Off (Star Heels is a peer recognition program). I met a few people & talked a little. First, I went to the wrong building & met someone else, Greg from Sports Medicine, who thought the same thing. As a result, we were about 15 minutes late. C'est la vie.

today's outfit: black loafers (the ones that I really need to throw away before they literally disintegrate), black slacks (faded to charcoal grey), black knit top with black & white embroidery plus paste jewels (the black embroidery fills the top 3rd with a lozenge of white in the top center; the paste jewels are 3 above & 5 below the white lozenge with a diamond shape of the 5 within the lozenge, 1 bigger central one); black & grey bead bracelet, silver disc ring, silver dome ring, labdourite pendant (small enough that it doesn't clash with the stuff on the shirt), & the onyx & silver earrings. My hair is braided, again for lack of any better hair style.

I almost missed the bus this morning because I couldn't find my keys. I'd taken them off my bag yesterday and not put them back.

Books: I read Fruit of the Poisoned Tree by Jim & Joyce Lavene. It's the sequal to Pretty Poison. I've also read the first two volumes of Shaolin Sisters, a manga.

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