Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fair Day! And I'm already running late. I wanted to be on the way by 8:30 but sleep is important.

I finally listened to Carry's podcast. Wow, she speaks very slowly, more slowly than she does in real life. I can understand why; it aids listening.

Good news My laundry is almost done so I won't be frantically trying to get it done Friday. Things I need to do Friday: go get thread for Anitra, stop by Borders or Walden for discount, pack (duh), and I know that there is something else that I need to get. I just need to remember what.

Clothes: greyish-blue jeans (lycra so they fit closely), white tennis shoes & socks, blue & white striped tie-dye Wolf t-shirt, blue chambray UNC shirt, Celtic knot posts & ring, dragon pendant, paui shell ring & eventually my hair will be braided; once it has dried.

Tatting: I made a white snowflake yesterday. Well, almost. I need to do the last join, cut & tie. Actually it's closer to being a white wreath.

Photos! I finally broke down & got a photobucket account. Since it seems that I cannot get photos to load onto my blog; well this is a decent substitue. I've already uploaded the cross I made for Dad (after how many tries?!) and some projects from '06 Palmetto Tat Days.

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