Thursday, October 19, 2006

Uhhhhh What a start to the day! I had an incredibly painful headache as soon as I woke up this morning. Even with the painkillers, I have a faint twinge of it left. It's not a migraine, just a really sharp headache.

I had to change the batteries in my Palm this morning. That meant that I had to synch it; change batteries & synch it again to restore the lost data. Note: that takes about 15 minutes. I got to the bus stop just as the bus was rounding the curve. Good timing!

Today's outfit: remember the faded black slacks & embroidered top combo? I'm wearing again, this time with the sequined flats & no socks (it's supposed to ~80F today). For jewelry, it's the labdourite pendant (so it doesn't fight with the shirt decorations), onyx earring, black stone ring & flower band. My hair's loose, basically because of the headache.

I'm glad that I used the last of that conditioner, it does nothing to prevent tangles. I had to spray de-tangler this morning. And the wood bristle brush I picked up at the dollar store? Ick. It has knobs on the end of the bristles; which catches my hair. Yesterday, I literally caught the brush in my hair & had to free it, like a snared rabbit.

The fair was fun, but Chris wasn't feeling very well so we left about 7 pm. That means that I didn't play a single game on the Midway (I usually play one) or test any Guesser. We did get some cider and I spent 3 hours in the Village. I think there are about half-dozen crafters that I didn't exchange a least a couple words. I also fanned them as I passed, it seemed only kind.

I thrilled Carry, I let her know that I listened to her podcast. She is good & very funny. She did a wonderful thing for me. She gave me her old watch. It's just the kind that I like; plain, silver pocket watch. It needs a new battery but that's all. whoohoo!

Unexpectedly, I ran into Liz & her parents. That was great. They also had my little namesake, aka Squirrel. It's her first fair & she loves it. She told me all about it, the bracelet, the ferris wheel & the big slide. Are all three-year olds that articulate?

I saw the pieces that beat mine in competition. I don't think much of 1st place but I'm sure that it's technically quite good. I prefer the 2nd place piece; a pair of silver & gem earrings. Looking at my entry I suddenly realized; I won third, in professional jewelry! Wow!

Chris liked the 1st place quilt aka the white horse blanket. Note: it's a white on white quilt & trapunto piece with a horsehead & 3 styles of quilt stitch; stipple, what looked like wooden boards (what do you call that?), & a third one around the horse itself. It's a fabulous piece.

The emu steak for lunch was disappointing. It was tough & tasteless. I'm willing to ascribe that to the cooking method rather than the food itself, though. Breakfast was good; a sausage & egg biscuit & a jam biscuit at the United Methodist 'restaurant'. Rosemary worked there as a kid & her mom worked there until her arthritis got too bad. The money benefits 2 United Methodist Churches, one in Cary & one in Angier.

I got my maple & my honey cotton candy & I've finished off the former. I also bought some honey sticks. There's a new loose tea shop, or new to me. They have a shop on Six Forks in Raleigh; I bought some tea & some filters (for the Rooibios) from their fair booth. I also bought some wax based (it's not a cream, it's a solid) from the honey folks.

One popular item was a fan from the Ava Gardner Museum. The county commissioner booth was handing them out. I'm glad that I took one. What a blessing it was.

books: I'm reading the 2nd Grantville Gazette.

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