Saturday, October 07, 2006

Frigging Cold: okay, maybe it wasn't that cold today, but between the overcast, the drizzle & the wind it sure felt like it. I had a piece of banana bread for breakfast & when I went to lunch at 12:30 I got dizzy and had to sit down. I spent the morning shivering & trying to tat. Numb fingers make tatting more difficult, fyi. But, nonetheless, fun was had.

The lady next to us, Gloria Small, makes gourds. By that, I mean that she plants them, grows them, then hollows & decorates them. Some she weaves pine needles, other have thread coils & some she uses beads or wood burning. She takes small one & decorates with beads to hold scent oils for air aroma. Very pretty. I bought one for Dad, one for Kathy & one for me. Luckily, they don't read this, so I don't have to worry about spoiling the suprise.

Oak View Historic Park is great. The garden was in full bloom and smelled terrific; rosemary, geraniums, etc.

A couple brought a couple Belgians. Those horses are huge! My head hit them about the shoulder; so call it approximately 5 feet.

I finished Linda's necklace & started a choker for myself. I found Hailey's earrings & clipped the threads. The choker for myself is light purple with grey, Czech beads, split chain 5bead5/5. Very simple, but I think it will turn out well.

Today's outfit: blue/lilac polo with "Arlene" & a shuttle (gift from Steve & Anitra), jeans (that are just a little large), socks (duh), my new Reeboks (bought a year ago on sale but never before worn), moonstone cabochon pendant, earrings & ring, flat rope band, flower band & flower ring set with a lapis lazuli & I did have my hair up in my tatted bun cover. Plus I wore a chambray shirt & over that my old man's jacket decorated with calico roses.

Shopping: After the Heritage Day, Anitra & I stopped by Goodwill. I found 2 pairs of black slacks (one desparately needs hemming), one pair navy blue, blue knit top with beads & embroidery & a very thin gauze cotton blouse (that requires an undershirt or a vest). Yay! I can finally get rid of my crappy navy slacks.

I have a 50% coupon on 1 item to Joanne's so I went to get the fabric for my entry display. They had black velvet $19.99 a yard, um, no. No black panne velvet & no velour. But they did have some black ~suede. They piece I found has cut edge along one edge. So, I'll take the rest of the fabric (I went ahead & bought 2 yards) for a skirt. It turns out that everything I bought was on sale. So I still have the coupon.

Now I need to prep my entry for display & I think it goes into category EE54 or 55. I'm just not sure which.

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