Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tatting Update: I finished my display this morning. Did I get a picture of it? Not with dead bagtteries. I'm charging them now & I hope they have enough charge to take the picture by the time I leave.

Today's clothes: black jeans, sneakers & socks; grey "Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff" t-shirt; silver harp pendant; Celtic knot earrings & ring, flower band ring; & rope band.

I'm off to get my entry in & to play Forgotten Realms at Rosemary's.

Update on the Update: Okay, so I stop at the usual building to turn in my entry & based on my statement, they sent me down the Hobbies & Handicrafts building (near the Holshauser building). I arrived there, and they looked at my entry & thought it should go back to the main building (Household entries), but decided to call up there to figure it out instead of sending me back & forth. It turns out, if I had one item, it would be in the Y category (under tatting), however since I made a set it has to go into the EE100 jewelry category. That took over 20 minutes.

Then we stopped by Foundation's Edge to pick up our comics, & Chris picked up his Star Wars miniatures. They're having their fall sale so I picked up the Rurouni Kenshin that I'm missing (13-19) plus a 5 manga series & a 3-manga series. I spent just a leeetle bit o'money.

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