Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I shouldn't laugh.... but I am amused. Due to a confluence of factors, I'm the contact for most of the vending problems on campus. I take the information, report it to the responsible company & if necessary tell the caller the procedure to get a refund. A student staffer just called with a vending problem. The first question out of my mouth: 'food or drink?' Response? 'That would be helpful to know, wouldn't it. Let me call you back.

Today's outfit: a blouse that I haven't worn in awhile & this may be the last time. It's a pretty, short-sleeved, buttoned blouse; I can't remember what this shade of pinkish-purple is called but it's with black in a check. However, it's just short enough that it doesn't stay completely tucked. Anyway, I've paired it with black jeans & that pair of loafers that I still haven't thrown out. Knee-highs, ponytail, 3 women pendant, flower band, rope band & violet crystal & flower earrings finish the outfit. I put the earrings & pendant in my pocket & then forgot to put them on until after I got to work.

Books: I read all but the last two chapters of Grantville Gazette I. The last two chapters concern radios in 1632 & horses; until I get the formatting straightened out they're just too much trouble to read.

Yesterday's Post Sorry it didn't go up until today but I could not get that font size problem sorted. I tried selecting a paragraph, I tried selecting the whole thing; I could not get it normal-sized again.

Weather & stuff: It's raining today. It's rained with barely a let up all day. I'm hoping that it rains itself out before I go to the fair tomorrow (note: Definitely no post tomorrow).

My bus was 15-20 minutes late today. I honestly thought that I'd missed it & was contemplating walking to the next bus-stop (for the exercise). But it was just so messy, I wasn't in the mood. Turns out, good thing I didn't.

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