Monday, February 26, 2007

Cleaning: Knowing that we had an activity-packed weekend, Friday night we started taking everything off the kitchen counters and putting it on the dining room table. We sorted some things as we removed them (old grocery receipt - recycle) and washed the things that had to be washed by hand. Saturday morning, we only had enough time to get our things together before leaving for the game. Sunday morning, we vacuumed the dryer hose (improving dryer time immensely). That left last night to put away everything that had been on the counters. Some things we just got rid of (how many travel mugs do two people need?), others were stowed in shelves (we do need _some_), and a few went back onto the counters but more organized.

The area to the left of the sink now has the knife block, tea & other drink things. The area to the right of the stove is the messiest, with appliances, the cookbooks, etc. The area between the stove & sink though only has the dirty dishes, to go into the dishwasher, & the things that are drying. All in all, it's much better. Maybe we can cook again now that we have counter space to work with.

Fingernails: Note this day. I have 9 fingernails of decent length (decent being defined as beyond the tip of my finger). That pinkie nail that broke the other day is the only one that's short.

radio shows: I've started listening to the Voyage of the Scarlet Queen again. I listened to the first episode on my way to work & the second on the walk to get a new bus pass.

- I'm up to episode 5 due to a long wait for the bus (I just missed the 5 pm one) and the commute home

gaming: Tonight's game didn't have any combat. We did some investigating; not sure that we found anything useful but we did have some funny moments. Everyone thought it was really funny when Kelis (my druid) got stuck, in the form of a small viper, under a door. Hey, I flubbed my escape artist check & small vipers only have Str 6 & that's hard to wiggle out (yeah, yeah I know, snakes are all one muscle with an itty bitty spine to hold it together, so Str 6 is less than realistic). We have 4 days until Vertum's (David) trial left. We found one of the underground bunkers, the one under the library, with signs that someone had trapped the door so it's the first promising lead that we've had.

books: Since I bought a lot of manga yesterday, I'm working my way through that. I read Faerie's Landing vol 1 & Buso Renkin, vol 4 (last night & this morning). I'm in the middle of re-reading Let It Be Love, too.

clothes: red turtleneck, black jeans, black socks & loafers, onyx pendant on silver rope chain, onyx earrings, black stone ring, Celtic knot ring, flower band & braided hair (black elastic to hold it).

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