Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tooth well, that molar's gone. It went surprising well. The dentist was very good at making sure that everything was numb and he would take his hands out to give my jaw a rest every so often. Only the last little bit was painful, as he jerked the last bit of the root out. He had to essentially carve up what remained of the tooth to get it out. Ick. Finally got done at 3:30 and then I got John (who had kindly offered to drive to & from the appointment - people on painkillers should not drive) to take me to Foundation's Edge to get Chris's present. After that, it was off to the drugstore to get my post-op painkillers. Got home at almost 5 pm. Why is it, when your jaw hurts & it's painful to talk that you suddenly get a dozen phone calls?

I had to wait for the clot to form before I could eat. I had to eat before I could take the pain pill. Meanwhile the anesthetics were wearing off. Luckily I had my own form of meditation to take me away.

Yesterday I took my pain pill as I was leaving the house and a couple hours later I was throwing up. I finally gave up & left work at 10:30 or so, napped & caught the 11:30 bus. I spent the rest of the day napping & reading. I'm still sticking with soft foods for now; let's avoid dry socket, shall we?

books: while waiting for my prescription, I bought All Night Long, Krentz's latest. I read that to get away from the pain. I also read Black Cat, vol 2, it finally arrived & Tail of the Moon, vol 2. I re-read Chesapeake Blue by Nora Roberts.

clothes: yesterday it was black slacks, grey ribbed sweater (with button placket to my waist), black socks & loafers, paui shell pendant, fem power ring & feather (without quartz chips) charm earrings that I haven't worn in years because I thought that I'd lost one.

Today it's black jeans, loafers, socks, burgundy turtleneck, burgundy sweater w/ purple, black, burgundy & 2 shades of teal abstract along the hem, the emerald pendant that Chris gave me (yesterday for Valetine's day), emerald posts my bro & sis-in-law gave me and the black stone ring.

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