Monday, February 12, 2007

Game: The Living Greyhawk game went well. I had them quite scared for a couple combats (as to be expected with only 4 players, barely at APL). I've finally reported both games that I ran, so that's done. For now.

books: I finished re-reading Star Prince. It's in the science fiction sub-genre of romance. It's not very good science fiction (salt is rare in the universe? Rare enough to usable as currency in some places? I know that was the case some places on earth but I have difficulty believing NaCl is that difficult to come by) but it's a decent story.

clothes: black slacks, loafers, trouser socks & sweater. The sweater is acrylic with black guimpe sewn in a flower & vine from left shoulder to right hip. My hair's loose because otherwise I'd be wearing a chartreuse hair elastic on my braid. Celtic knot earrings & ring, Celtic knot star, moon & tree pendant & silver fem-power ring.

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