Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gaming today: It's Living Greyhawk, Dominion Over Bright Sands (delayed from an earlier planned game). I'm playing Kelis; she is my Bright Sands character, after all.

Doug & his wife have lovely cats. One is a lovely long-haired orange, named Simba. The other one matches the house colors & is named Misty. They really resemble a bobcat & a lynx in color.

Cleaning Last night I worked on clearing the kitchen counter. I washed stuff & I put things on the dining room table. Tomorrow morning we'll work on putting things back. I have learned that we have an amazing number of travel mugs.

clothes: burgundy arrowhead tee, blue jeans, brown belt, black tennis shoes & socks, knapped flint crescent moon pendant (on cream silk cord & with moonstone chips above the crescent moon), feather charm earring, fem-power ring, red-stone ring, silver & white fiber optic bead earcuff, and ponytail with navy elastic.

books: I re-read Slightly Married.

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