Thursday, February 22, 2007

Knitting: I pulled out one of the larger round knitting looms & started the headband/earwarmer to match the scarf that Mom crocheted. I knitted a length, then pulled up the edge & put on the pegs as the 'new round.' Then I did another row. That doubled it & made a sort of ribbed edging (not obviously so because it's boucle yarn). Then I took it off the loom. Just to learn that the usual ending (quasi-crochet) doesn't work so well because it doesn't stretch. So I ~forcibly stretched it until it fit my head. It's not as spiffy (fit-wise) as I'd hoped but it does look & feel pretty good. I just finished it last night but I packed it today. I didn't need it this morning but it's gaming tonight and we'll be getting home kinda late. It's going to be colder & windier to tonight, hopefully not enough for my hat but definitely enough for my headband thingie. Since the projected low is in the 30's, it will probably be in 40's as we head home.

TV: Watched Whoopi Goldberg's biography on the biography channel last night. In some ways, calling her a welfare mom is not accurate. Factually, yes, it's true. But the nuances and subtexts in that statement aren't. She didn't go into show business & become a comedian to get off welfare. She went into show business & on stage and then went on welfare because the other jobs she was doing around that were not enough to support herself & her daughter. Yes, she was brave, incredibly so. However, she did have a high school diploma. She could have made other choices. Of course, from the viewpoint of today & what she has given us, it's a good thing that she made the choices that she did.

books: Finished Best Served Cold & re-read a bit of Love is Blind by Lynsay Sands. Also re-read a bit of Dangerous, a 3-novel anthology by Nora Robers. I've finished the 1st two stories & started the third one. For today's reading I started Single in Suburbia, by Wendy Wax. It's a little close to chick lit but it's still a good romance. I'm also reading more of The Pillow Book, off & on.

clothes: black jeans, black loafers (tassels), black knee-hi's (texture stripes), forest green Geoff polo, emerald necklace & earring set, black stone ring & plaited hair (w/ lime green elastic).

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