Friday, February 23, 2007

Mutants & Mastermind Game: the last two villains (Phantasia & Hive) went down surprising fast. It took one round for Totem (my character) to smell out the villainess, another to strike her..and get fascinated. Another round for other heroes, Lady Celtic (Rosemary) & Momenta Mori (Nathan) to target the area where they had seen Totem swing and stun her enough to break the fascination. Which freed Totem enough to finish her off. Hive was pretty easy for Wraith (Chris) to take out with his Wraith Bolts. After we transported the rest of the Thulians to our temporary cells in the Freedom Hall, we entertained ourselves by helping the Feds arrest/capture some white supremacists. Wraith pretty much intimidated them with his fearsome presence so David only devoted about 5 minutes to it.

We took a look at the diary that was causing such a fuss. The contents were not anything special, although there was a mention of a meeting with Goring regarding the super-soldier program. However, while scanning the diary, Momenta Mori got a glimpse of the meeting & Goring's words, which indicated the Iron Cross, a Nazi super-villain, had not been created by the Nazis (he had supposedly been the first success of their super-soldier program). So we went looking for that bunker, which had not been found after WWII to look for clues. We had just gotten into the suite of rooms when Iron Cross showed up & started pounding his way through the ground to reach it. It was 10 pm so we'll do that fight in 2 weeks.

Diana missed the game because she got bitten at work & had to go get shots. I need to email her & find out how she's doing.

Fire: On the way to David's, I got worried. I heard about a fire and it sounded like it wasn't far from Rosemary's. I couldn't call because I was already on the road & had to wait. Rosemary hadn't called David, and she has a cell phone, so I was hopeful that everything was okay. It turned out that the fire was alarmingly close but not at her house. It made for a crummy afternoon for her, but not as bad as it could have been.

books: I finished Single in Surburbia on the way home. It was pretty good. Last night & this morning, I finished the third book in Dangerous. I read some more of the Pillow Book on the way into work. For lunch reading (if I don't feel like writing a letter or working on Totem's high priest), I packed Marriage Most Scandalous.

clothes: black jeans, grey turtleneck (concealed when I wear the tan, brown & black Girbaud sweater), black suede shoes, onyx pendant & earrings, black stone ring, fem-power ring, Celtic knot ring, & my hair up high in a bun/ponytail affixed with two chopsticks, themselves black decorated with tan, Chinese-styel plum & pheasant scene.

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