Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gaming: Rosemary's game: We finally finished one module but not the storyline. So we'll get experience & maybe I'll get another level.

Went by my favorite game/comic shop and it's their bi-annual sale this weekend. I spent about a 1/5 to 1/4 of their target sales today. I bought some old AnimAmericas, a couple (old) games, a couple new game books, and some manga. Actually, a lot of manga. Some of the ones that I have on order arrived & I picked a couple new titles to try them.

Website of the day: yoga stuff
Took the ayurvedic quiz & my dosha is overall vata. My body is vata 3, pitta 5, kapha 4; while my mind is vata 7, pitta 3, & kapha 2.
This is from this quiz.

books: I read Last Scene Alive and then Tail of the Moon, vol 3. That's today.

clothes: blue jeans, black socks & loafers, brown belt, grey Geoff "Cleansing of the Oytwood" tee under a grey, ribbed shirt. Flower band ring, paui shell ring & pendant, black bead & ~silver chandelier earrings.

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