Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday Plans: well, mine got cancelled, so I'm reading up on the mod that I'm running tomorrow. I was supposed to run this Living Greyhawk adventure earlier, but getting sick kinda put the kibosh.

Music: watched VH1's 100 top one-hit wonders. About 85% were non-US artists, and they were only one-hit wonders here. Makes me want to get some non-US albums (like Big Country). I think I might buy some of those songs from iTunes, if they're available. I'd like a cd-set of those songs as I liked most of them. Only two or three were of the 'please let me never hear them ever again' variety. Not bad out of 100 songs. There were some of the 'I could stand if I didn't hear this again any time soon', though.

books: finished reading Murder Over Easy (2nd in the Wanda Nell Culpepper mysteries) by Jimmie Ruth Evans.
clothes: sweatpants & sweatshirt, slippers and braid; just relaxing at home wear.

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