Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Same ol' same ol' I'm still feeling like I'm digging out from under a hole. It's been really hard for me to feel positive for very long.

website of interest: Let the World Listen Right, documenting contemporary music in the Delta.

Info of interest: plants that clean the air

books: re-read a few, read Thrones, Dominations by Sayer & Walsh. Then read the one after that, A Presumption of Death. The first was based on an unfinished manuscript; the second had its foundation in a series of published 'letters' among the Whimsey family about their war-time activities. New manga, American this time, Pantheon High. It's the high school for Greek, Egyptian, Norse & Japanese demi-gods (children who have one divine parent). The coach is Hercules and the security is handled by Heimdall. Now I'm reading Best Served Cold by Jimmie Ruth Evans.

clothes: Saturday was orange fairy t- & blue jeans. Sunday, I dressed up a little for Rosemary's birthday supper. I wored banded collar, undyed linen blouse, blue jeans, boots, and emerald jewelry (heart pendant & square earrings). I should have worn my scarf & hat, too. It was cold & windy. But the hat wouldn't have fit over the cream colored hair sticks in my bun/ponytail

Monday, I wore blue turtleneck, which was completely concealed by the tan, brown & black turtleneck sweater, with black jeans, black suede shoes, hair up with the same sticks (after I got to work), and flower fairy pendant, feather earrings & fem-power ring.

Yesterday was warmer, so I wore a burgundy silk blouse, with fringe across the chest, black jeans, black suede shoes, quartz pendants & moonstone/celtic knotwork pendant necklace, quartz chip & feather earrings, fem-power ring & flower band. Mostly I wore my hair loose.

Today it's blue 2005 NCAA basketball champs polo, navy blue slacks, navy socks, navy loafers, & moonstone jewelry. The
ring, the simple cabochon rainbow pendant& rainbow moonstone earrings. My hair's up in a ponytail with a navy elastic.

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