Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Catch Up and Stuff

I spent the weekend with my mom. She's went to assisted living on Monday and there's so much to do. I left her a list Sunday night to do after I left. The move apparently went smoothly enough, but of course, she didn't get everything she wanted. I told her I'd drive back and get stuff but she said she'd get someone closer to do it.

I won a book! It's  A Season of Ruin by Anna Bradley. It was a lovely surprise.

I finished the 4th in The Others series, Marked in Flesh. PL loaned it to me. That leaves Dark Serpent yet to read of my recent purchases. I'm trying to decide to whether to read it now, or to wait until the next 2 are out.

I recovered my shuttles from Mom and bought a couple Clovers at JoAnne's. I also got the idea to use rattail and large beads to demo beanile.

I got my copy of 7th Sea, 2nd edition. I've created a character, an Eisen soldier. My latest Pathfinder Pawns arrived Monday as well as the latest hardback book; Horror Adventures.

I meant to show this off a couple weeks ago. Mom made this ...I don't know what to call it. It's to hide the saucer under a flower pot, in a decorative fashion.
My begonia
 Under this plant is woven one that I made. I used an embroidery hoop. It's based on wagon wheel woven rug.
prayer plant
This is a handy tip to know to get a conference room, etc to go quiet. It doesn't work in all cultures (for example, a choral group found it better to sing a single note)

Last week, I spent time getting mom ready for her next transition. She's going to an assisted living place temporarily. In the meantime, I hired in-home care to take her on errands and doctor visits. Her friends handled the follow-ups. I must say, I am really glad mom has long-term care insurance. It's making the process much easier.

I have made one pair of earrings for the Palmetto Tat Days class. They are so pretty.

Here are a few plants from the planter outside my office.
I have no idea, it's purple

silvery grey plant


another purple

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