Thursday, August 04, 2016

RPGaDay 4

List of questions
Most Impressive Thing Another's Character Did?

One of my friends had a character (Living Greyhawk again) who so impressed a small tribe, they worshiped her as a demi-goddess. She was playing a dragon disciple, black dragon, with acid breath. We were trying to impress them, to get them to help us, and one of the options given was to show off our strength.

She said a few words, then spit a ball of acid that took down a tree, and maxed out her intimidation roll. The GM took into account how impressive her action was and decided they were very impressed.

In a Mutants & Masterminds, one of the characters flubbed a roll with perfect timing. We were fighting a (NPC) duplicate, from another dimension, of our greatest hero. The duplicate didn't know he was a mole, sent to be a double agent and betray us. He shared a room with the PC in question. It came to the final fight with the invasion imminent. The mole asked us to kill him, so he wouldn't betray us. The PC botched the roll to finish him. It was so narratively perfect. At the last moment, the PC flinched, unable to kill his friend. It was left to the other heroes to perform the deed.

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