Saturday, August 06, 2016

#RPGaDay 6

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Most Amazing Thing a Game Group Did for Their Community?

In real life? It's not actually a Game Group, but Knights of Fiat Lux for the past 8 years have run a small con, with gaming and other activities, to benefit the Autism Society of NC. This year, they raised over $4000.

In game? It started as an excuse to talk to the colony's military governor but it blossomed. We came up with a morale boosting, tourism increasing, trade spiking idea. Take the site of the recently ceased hostilities and make a race course. With a few changes, it could handle off road bikes, cars, off-road cars, drones, etc. The construction would boost economic recovery, then it would be a draw to bring people the area, boosting the local economy that way, plus providing the consumable would provide ongoing economic support.

 Unfortunately, the other side resumed hostilities before we could even tell the military governor, much less carry it out. After we left (ending the hostilities on the way), we learned someone had found our plans and carried them out, with great success. Our engineer, who came up with the idea, was quite bitter over that.

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