Tuesday, August 02, 2016

#RPGaDay 2


Question #2: Best Game Session since August 2015
That's pretty tough for me. I take notes at games because my memory isn't always as good as I'd like. Between that and not remembering exactly which session happened when...well, this is a challenge.

I'll go with something recent then. Recently, I ran some Pathfinder for people who were interested in roleplaying games but had never actually played any. The joy of introducing someone to this hobby and see them have a fun time.

Oh wait, there was the time incident in Deadlands, Savage Worlds game. Our group is a mix of bounty hunters, law, and interested parties looking for some mad scientists, magic workers, and miscreants. One of the characters is a Catholic priest, so he's against murder.

We had found one chap who had been experimenting on people, installing devices to make them...tractable. At least one of the characters ('if he's dead, he can't continue his work, for anyone') was all for killing the guy and he was going to do so while the priest was otherwise occupied. Of course, the players know what's going to happen and the player is not averse to this guy catching a case of the dead, but his character would be against killing him in cold blood. GM has him roll Notice, an untrained skill (so d4-2). The guy open ends (rolls a 4 on a d4) and notices in time to intervene in the killing. The one time this character successfully noticed something!

The miscreant ended up dead anyway. Shot by the priest. An NPC managed to trick the prisoner into grabbing a gun, making it look like he was trying to escape and was dangerous. Again, the priest noticed in time and while he wasn't the only one who took a shot, he was the only one to hit.

It was a lovely dice support the narrative and vice versa moment.

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