Wednesday, August 03, 2016

#RPGaDay 3

Question for August 3rd
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 "Character moment you are proudest of"

Not an easy question. There's the moment in Living Greyhawk when my severely underpowered* bard (seriously, the NPC cohort was higher level) broke the module. We knocked out one of the NPCs then she used Fascinate ability and charm to find out all the big bad's plans. That's something that wasn't supposed to be possible, but his save was based on her perform skill and she had that maxed, but a supernaturally high Charisma skill.

*Living Greyhawk was a shared world campaign and usually game sessions were played with characters about the same level. You had to have a minimum of 4 players for a legal table, and a max of 6. I think Nadia was 10th level and the cohort, or NPC follower of one of the PCs, was 12th, or maybe 13th. She was along to make it a legal table, but it was doubtful she'd actually do anything.

Or maybe it was when my (overpowered character for an overpowered game) halfling wizard/illusionist in AD&D so impressed the King under the Mountain that instead of killing her, he let the entire group have the run of his armory, both mundane and magical.

She accidentally found a door and went inside. She saw a huge chest, overflowing with gold, treasure, gems, and art. She saw a massive, obviously magic hammer. She saw an enormous bed, with a commiserate nightstand. Aaaand she saw the mug. She climbed the nightstand and found the stein to be filled to the brim with beer. Well, she was called Cuplifter, so she carefully tilted the mug enough to get a sip. It was wonderful. And the giant in the bed woke up. He looked at her. She looked at him. She said, "Good beer." He was so amused that she ignored all the wealth and headed straight for the beer, and then was boldfaced about admitting it.

Or maybe, it was when my Ironclaw character and another character essentially talked a bandit into going straight. After all, he wasn't a successful bandit. He'd be better off in another line of work. One that wouldn't get him hung.

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