Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Family and Tatting

I started the pendant for the beanile class at Palmetto Tat Days. The metallic red thread and black core beads are really pretty. The satin rattail and beads example didn't really work. The beads are too large. Oh well, it was worth a try.

Deadlands game on Thursday. We faced off against the same thug who falsely arrested my character before. Alas, she still failed to kill him. However, the mad scientist was accidentally killed (really, something moved under his clothes and we shot it, missed it and hit him).

Tuesday night a friend of mom's called. Mom needed me to visit. I asked my boss Wednesday morning and thankfully he was okay with it. Thank goodness for an understanding boss and a job with paid leave, and having paid leave to use. 

Friday morning, I went to go see Mom. She ignored the packing list I'd given her. I picked up CC on the way, taking her portable sewing machine. Mom wanted pockets put in her housedresses. We picked up Mom's tv, installed it in her room, took her out to lunch, then left CC at the center to sew the pockets, while Mom and I ran some errands and packed. We still missed a few things, but now she has some toiletries, real clothes beside house dresses, an alternate pair of shoes, etc. CC did a wonderful job of installing pockets.We moved Mom's car and headed home. We stopped halfway for gas and some snacks when I realized I'd left my wallet.

I checked my car again, backtracked to mom's car, mom's room, and then Mom's apartment. I'd left it on the washing machine. Since our washing machine stopped working, with a load of clothes in it, I'd taken those clothes to mom's apartment to wash and dry. I ended up being away from home for more than 12 hours and soooo tired. And I accidentally left my good stork scissors with CC.

But Saturday was the local tatters' meeting. Our usual meeting place (the library) is closed for renovations, so we're meeting at a Whole Foods community room. We can have chocolate at the meeting again. Anitra gave me my exhibit items (scarf, etc). Yay! I had a couple books as birthday presents for her husband and gave them to her.

I messed up my knitting. I noted down the pattern wrong. I bound off and ooh boy, I ran into tension problems. The left side is the cast on.

Sunday, CD and I went washing machine shopping. Luckily, Sears was having a sale. Now I just need to get the basement cleaned up enough to move washing machines through it. At least I have a week and a half.

CC and I met for supper Monday night. She needed a little venting time and I wanted my scissors back. I drank too much caffeine and had a little trouble getting to sleep.

Here, have some clouds.

beads are tooooo big

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