Wednesday, August 10, 2016

RPGaDay 10

(Do you really need to see the questions again?)
 *Largest in-game surprise you've experienced?*
Oh, now I remember. It was in my SO's game. I was playing an Eisen (think 17th century German, after the 30 Years War) who had been warned by a foreseer about her 'role to stop the civil war.' As a survivor of Eisen's civil war, aka War of the  Cross, this got her attention. She and some newfound compatriots ended up on a river (neat trick from landlocked Eisen) and saw two castles, on either side, firing cannon at each other.

We debated which side to dock at, since we didn't want to sail through the cannon fire, which coincidentally stopped as we neared. The people in the castle were quite hospitable and we realized they were fey. The Avalonian warned us about fey and for us to mind our manners....or else.

At supper, our host announced we had been invited to a raid. By his counterpart across the river. After being loaned appropriately festive outfits, we joined our host on boats to cross the river, with musicians on boats in-between the raiders providing accompaniment.

We docked and were met by soldiers of the opposing castle. They very politely told the raiders where to dump the cannon for maximum effectiveness, and where to not walk so we wouldn't trod on the grass.

Eventually, we reached the castle courtyard, with parquet floor set down for dancing, more musicians, food, and drink (with the trays slotted to fit onto blades). It was a lovely raid. With dancing.

In time, our host, and his neighbor/foe explained matters to us. They were fighting a war, but because they were long-time neighbors they were polite about. The reason for the conflict? One noble fey said you should write a thank-you note as soon as you receive a gift and the other said you should wait until you have a chance to use the gift, then write the note.

Normally, they would have resolved it by referencing a certain (magic) book of manners. However it had been stolen by a (Scottish) noblewoman, Lady Martha of House Stewart.

Yes, the nobles were fighting a very Civil War. And the villain? Martha Stewart.

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