Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Busch Gardens: I only rode 2 rides; Corkscrew Hill (in Ireland) & DarKastle (in Germany, I think). They had technical problems with Corkscrew Hill (part of the last scene was green) but it was fun anyway. The only reason I didn't scream during DarKastle was I closed my eyes & breathed. Rosemary screamed once. She went on to ride Alpengeist & Big Bad Wolf, unlike me. Chris rode Griffon & really enjoyed it. I can't understand it myself; 95 foot drop people. 95 feet!

I bought a personalized name pull for Hailey & a glow in the dark charm bracelet. I bought a couple sticker books for Leela. I bought myself a purple & blue teddy bear (one they fill for you, I entertained the gift shop worker, who'd apparently had a very bad day, by telling her that I planned to add bat wings to its back & head to make it an incubus bear. She really needed that laugh, it was half an hour before closing & she was tired). I didn't like any of the ride t-shirts & I really wanted a griffon one. The only DarKastle shirt they had was for kids! I was greatly disappointed.

While I waited for Chris & Rosemary to ride rides, I managed to get conversations with a couple other people waiting. That was interesting.

Other things that we did besides shop & eat: watch the Fright Night show & rode the train. We walked, a lot.

Monday we went to the Jamestown Settlement Museum. That was really cool. They have reconstructed the fort, a Powhatan village & you can go on the three rebuilt ships. I took a lot of pictures. There were two 'guards' who demonstrated matchlock rifles; firing them off. I missed the cannon firings. They told us to plan for 3 hours, we took 5. Afterwards we walked Duncan & vegged out. I also bought postcards for all my family. I bought a Jamestown t-shirt, Chris gave me another one; I also bought a Jamestown commemorative coin/medal and a kit to make a possible bag (probably called that because it could have possibly anything in it). There were a lot of fun kits for sale; weaving, drop spinning, quilt, doll, embroidery, model of Jamestown fort, tiny canoe, etc. It was so hard not to buy one of everything. Except the tatting one. I know how to tat.

Yesterday we went to Historic Jamestown. That's the national park/archeology dig. We had Duncan with us so we went a little slowly. Once again, it's unseasonably hot with temperatures hovering around 90F. We looked at the signs, at the James River (the tide came in while we were walking & suddenly there was this salty fragrance in the air). The heat was hitting Rosemary pretty hard, too, so she & Duncan sat in the shade with some water while Chris & I went into the Archaeolasium, or whatever it's called. That's pretty neat. They have glass panels in the floor so you can see the original structure foundations under the building. They also have some human remains in a special closed off hallway. That way, there's no chance of coming upon them unexpectedly. They've learned a lot from those remains though, especially about those individuals ignored by history.

Last night we did laundry. It was so late by the time that we got back & we were so worn out by the heat that we didn't want to go anywhere else. The laundromat was un-air conditioned though. Blech. Rosemary continued reading Witch Hunter, Chris read Emerald Sea & I worked on my tatting & read a little bit of my Shadowrun book. I read just enough to learn that I had messed up my Short Fix 4.0. So I'll be doing a little of that today.

tatting: I made one leaf, badly, from the autumn leaf bookmark from Tat's Where I Stopped. I've made, badly, Jane's SCMR bookmark & a heart from Tat's Amore. I have updated my tatting blog, though. I posted pictures of my necklace.

clothes: it's been jeans everyday. I wore my new Jamestown t-shirt that Chris gave me yesterday. It's a soft not quite sage green with white edging on the arms, neck & hem (unhemmed knit) with a soft yellow/pink sunrise looking background behind a silhouette of a sailing ship and the words "Jamestown, 1607-2007" on it. Other than that; my burgundy NC Archaeological Society t-shirt and my purple Feat the Four t-shirt. Most of the jeans I've been wearing are black since I only packed one grey/blue pair. I have also been wearing black tennis shoes, my clip watch & usually Celtic jewelry. Not every piece, I've worn chain mail earrings one day.

dream: in a movie/computer simulation of history, with a posse in the Old West pursuing desperados. We're holed up & a shoot out is about to commence as the bad guys arrive. Something goes wrong & I'm suddenly in it. Then things start to repeat and it gets worse. I leave, briefly, to talk to the programmers and when I come back the sheriff tells me that the entire posse died because I wasn't there. I was gone for weeks. He locks me up and complains of a horrible drum beat. Then the fireplace animates and this demon/creature emerges & locks me in a cell with energy bars. When I try them, I get mutated, my hands merge into one bar & my eyes/face relocate to the bar. My mouth also gets sealed shut. Other people, in other history sims are also dumped into the same cell, including one poor guy who's not mutated, he looks like that naturally.

Turns out that the company behind the big computer sim is being foreclosed and their head programmers and board are locked into the simulation too & a virus is causing these problems. They somehow have the papers with them & my bosses look over things & track down the problem.

It ends with the head boss making some speech about how we're all human & made in god's image (seeing that one guy) no matter how that looks.

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