Monday, October 29, 2007

I have a post from Saturday, I'll insert it later.

FE had their 20th Anniversary sale yesterday. I spent too much money. What a shock. I got a neato navy Battle of the Planets t-shirt for $5 and some old gaming books. I also picked up a couple manga to try.

Since a migraine woke me at 6 am, I took a nap after we got back home (we also stopped to buy candy for Wednesday). I woke to watch the end of Thirteenth Warrior. Then we watched Heartbreak Ridge but I went to bed soon after we started watching Midsummer Night's Dream.

books: I read the 7th volume of Her Majesty's Dog.

Donating platelets tomorrow. Whee!

tatting: almost halfway done now, I'm on the 20-something teardrop bead.

clothes: yesterday I wore my brown Hal-O-Scream shirt, jeans & white sneakers. I was going to wear brown loafers but my socks were too thick. Today (Autumn has finally arrived), black ankle shoe/boots (that I need to take to be re-soled, I want to do that on the way home), black jeans, burgundy knit shirt, heavy grey long-sleeved knit shirt, & Celtic knotwork jewelry.

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