Thursday, October 25, 2007

Still not ready for a real post. Just a kind of passing update.

tatting: started my new necklace this morning. I threaded the beads onto the thread & tatted the 1st 5 rings before work. On the way home, I did the next 5 bald rings and the first chain & ring with beads. So I've made a good start.

I finished the John Ringo book last night, staying up a little too late to do so. I'm a little tired & right now really fricking irritable.

Joe called me to see if I wanted/could come play Blackmoor tonight. I told him to call me back in an hour so I could check with Chris, see if we had any plans that I didn't know about. Chris was okay with it so I read the Blackmoor stuff that I had and prepared myself to play. Joe never called me back. I took the bus home and booted up my laptop to try & get directions to the game location. While I was doing so, and running a little late, Joe called. No need for me to come. They have a full table. Yeah. I'm pissed.

Chris just got home. Since he was not expecting me to be here, he had already stopped to get his supper. Well, we have leftovers for me to eat.

The dining service sponsored a farmer's market with fresh fruits & vegetables plus recipes (those were free), baked goods and nutrition info. I tried a sample of the new Luna elixir, but I didn't care for it. I have another flavor to try later. I bought a couple sweet potatoes, a yellow squash & a small loaf of apple cranberry loaf.

It's raining. For the second day. We need a lot more before we're out of drought though. It's a start so I'm not complaining, even if it is much colder. I even had to wear a jacket this morning.

clothes: black ~slippers (should have worn something with socks), black jeans, purple "Book Wyrm" embroidered polo (has words, dragon & a book), amethyst pendant, ~rope ring, hematite ring, braided ring, & violet & grey earrings. I wore a ponytail most of the day.

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