Sunday, October 07, 2007

I am so tired. We just got back from Busch Gardens; they're doing their Howl 0' Scream festivities. I only rode a couple rides, between my knee acting up & me getting a distinct feeling of sensory overload, I just was not up to it.

So while Chris & Rosemary went, I took care of their bags & sat. I did get into a couple interesting conversations while I waited. I had an airbrush tattoo applied (Celtic knotwork - big surprise there, right?). I also bought a purple bear at London Britches (you select the animal & they stuff it, 10% of the money goes to animal conservation.

I'd like to add more but I'm just too tired.

A few items though - no entry in the State Fair this year. Entries (the paper form, at least) was due by mid-September! There was no publicity about this except the premium book, which I didn't even look at until um, last week. And even then, it wasn't exactly splashed all over that. Anitra called to find out if I'd dropped off the original form or a copy. If it were the latter, then no problem because I must have already sent in the original. Alas.

I bought a couple things for my niece & namesake. Most of the t-shirts this year at Busch Gardens sucked. Most of the few that didn't suck didn't say Busch Gardens. There was no adult sized t-shirt for Dark Castle & I really wanted one.

tatting: almost finished the bookmark. It's not pretty but it will do the job.

book: read part of Lossing’s Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution in the Carolinas & Georgia. I'm re-reading the 14th chapter (where the book picks up - the entire series covers the entire war, I'm just reading a selection of it).

clothes: purple 'fear the 4' t-shirt, black jeans & tennis shoes (& black socks), celtic knot/star/tree/moon pendant, knotwork earrings & ring, Fem/dancer ring, ~rope band, hematite band, clip watch, blue hungersite silicon bracelet, braided hair & tan sportswear company gimme hat.

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