Saturday, October 27, 2007

Okdokay. Friday: I finished Ain't Myth-Behaving and then a couple of the Lt Leary books by David Drake. I mailed a couple pictures to Rosemary & one to Anitra.

It rained all day, which is a good thing. I was just so dead. And needing to do laundry, I wore a skirt & my tall boots (vs the rain).

We played the first Witch Hunter adventure today. Now I have to look and see if I want to change anything about my character. She was mildly helpful and did get one really good shot in to finish the bad guy. I had fun with my character's name; she's Solange-Marie Lannae Cecile Brichler.

Chris got the oil changed in his car and I need to do the same. I did finally fill the gas tank and boy, gas is just getting more & more ridiculous.

I'm taping the 1st season of Heroes. G4 is showing 12 hours of it so I've pulled out a couple tapes to get it all.

Books: I've re-read a couple old Jayne Anne Krentz books (like Twist of Fate, Flash & Perfect Partners) and that sort of thing.

Tatting: I didn't get much farther on my necklace, just a few more rings. It was just too damp.

Clothes: Friday was khaki skirt (very straight), tall black boots, black tank top & black silk shirt printed with bamboo in taupe, grey & tan (with occasional slices of blue). I wore my tatted necklace but somehow the jump ring of the toggle came off the tatting. Luckily, I caught it before it disappeared. I also wore the matching rings.

Today it's blue jeans (my last clean pair), orange Celtic knot Ren Festival shirt, knotwork pendant & ring, ~rope ring, & knotwork earrings.

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