Wednesday, October 24, 2007

site of the day: Twenty-sider, for the gamers. It's a limited run comic that takes still from Lord of the Rings movies & overlays dialogue, etc as if a bunch of hack-n-slashers were playing the adventure (with never having heard the story before or any of its elements). Man, it is sooo funny.

got my flu shot today. Now my arm hurts. Wow, big shock.

random notes: made earrings to go with my necklace. I'm contemplating a bracelet & maybe a ring to match.

Reading Into the Looking Glass by John Ringo. Need to create a Witch Hunter & Blackmoor character by Saturday.

Cirque Eloize: Rain was incredible. And it rained during the performance. Yay!

clothes: ~slippers, black jeans, black tank top, ochre blouse, tatted necklace & earrings (I made 'em, I'm gonna wear 'em), a couple silver rings & hair worn loose.

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