Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I got diddly-squat done last night. I got one load of laundry as far as the dryer & that's it. And it's a heavy load that needs two runs of the dryer to finish, so it's of limited usefulness. I did put a load of delicate laundry into the washer this morning but I didn't go looking for beads, or to use my discount (that ends today) at the bookstore. I didn't even eat supper. I finally fixed a tiny cake dessert just so I could say that I'd eaten...something.

tv: Watched some M*A*S*H*; the 2nd episode of the new series Chuck, too bad I missed the pilot. After that I tuned into cartoons. I didn't have the attention span for anything more committed than that.

tatting: I finished my necklace, except 1 ring, the findings & the pendant. The bauble is done, I just need to do the decorative bit. I did get an idea for the pendant though, I'll do a bauble. I need copper and black beads though. I have a gold bead/marble to put in the center. If that doesn't work, I'll use the clear marble that I have.

clothes: black slacks, clip watch, black ~slippers, burgundy tank/woven check over shirt embroidered with autumnal leaves set, onyx pendant & earrings, black stone ring, hematite band, & flower band. Yesterday I wore my hair loose until it dried & then into a ponytail/bu affixed with square black hairstick. Today, I think I'll just braid it.

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