Thursday, October 11, 2007

I forgot to mention one incident from Busch Gardens. Rosemary & I waited an hour for Chris to ride the Griffon, because it malfunctioned while he was in line. A group of people got stuck on it, in the sun, until they got it fixed enough to bring them to the platform. Then they had to work on it. Run a few empty, test cars & then Chris got to ride it. He did enjoy it though.

Yesterday it was raining in the morning, so we took a quick stroll down Duke of Gloucester Street to see the armory. I took a lot more pictures. It's a good century after Witch Hunter, but you never know what information will come in handy. Plus it was just neat! It was a light rain, so we didn't even bother getting out umbrellas, but we had them, just in case.

I bought a book called Putting on the Dog. It was overpriced and I had hoped it was something about Colonial dogs or dog training but it turned out to be, supposedly, word & phrase origins dating from Colonial times. It's meant in fun or I'd be writing an angry letter to the author. I know that at one of the 'origins' is wrong. I also bought a commemorative tin of mints. The tin is the perfect size for tatting stuff.

We grabbed a quick lunch from the Mexican Maiden (aka Taco Bell) and then off to the Yorktown waterfront. We had reservations to go sailing aboard the sloop Alliance. It was a 2-hour tour & it was FABULOUS! There were about 20 others on board, and Duncan was very popular. We were worried that he might get hot in his lifejacket & bag but he appeared fine. He really enjoyed the trip (after we got off the boat & dock & took him out of his life jacket & bag, he tried to get back into the bag to go back to the ship). We got into a nice long conversation with Lee, Sue & their daughter (whose name I never heard). Chris got to help pull up one of the sails. I got a couple pictures but Rosemary got a movie of it.

I had to download my camera Tuesday at lunch because I literally ran out of memory while at Historic Jamestown. At the first cenotaph. I could take another 14 pictures, saving them to the camera's harddrive & that's it. That's 295 shots. Some of them were from Palmetto's but still.

We had supper at Florimentes, a great deli that Chris found. We had gotten dinner to go from them earlier & now Rosemary really wanted garlic knots. Alas, they were out. But she had the artichoke heart & chicken while Chris & I had the meatball heros. Last time, I had gotten the beef turnover while Chris & Rosemary got the top round heros. They have an incredible bakery too. So far, we've tried the apple strudel, Napoleon (chocolate & vanilla), tiramisu cups (tiramisu in chocolate cups), & some strawberry jam pastry with powdered sugar.

This morning we're taking Duncan to the Yorktown Battleground. Since it's a national park, he's allowed there, on leash. He's not allowed in buildings but we should still have fun. Yesterday we could see the Yorktown Victory monument from the water.

I'm not sure what we're doing this afternoon. Maybe we'll go to the Yorktown Victory Center (state park) after lunch. Duncan has really enjoyed going on long walks with us. We've taken water & a water bowl for him but he's been pretty smart about staying in the shade & stuff like that.

Early night last night. We were very tired after the ship.

clothes: Today I'm wearing black slacks/jeans, purple angel/moon t-shirt, moonstone jewelry, Celtic knot ring & ~rope band. I'll braid my hair again. It's the only practical hairstyle (though how it gets tangled when I brush it then braid it immediately, I'm unclear). It's also black tennis shoes again. And probably will be until the con.

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