Friday, October 05, 2007

packing: I finished this morning (my laptop & books to read & tatting to, um, tat) but my suitcase & game crate went into the car last night. That reminds me, I need to charge my iPod. It's going to be a long trip.

Gaming: David took steps to work on one of my character's subplots. She's the hereditary champion of the Valley of Moon & Stars and there are supposed to be 2 champions, Moon Champion & Star Champion. One of them is sort of an apprentice Champion, also a spare in case something happens to previous one. The Moon Champion died early, leaving Totem as the Moon & Stars Champion so she's been looking for successor, or the priests of the Valley have. Totem found him, sort of by accident.

Last session we were guarding a tribal mask found in Northern Arizona and loaned to the museum by the Navajo Nation (before you ask, no it wasn't completely Navajo, that's part of the reason they weren't too concerned about it being on display - other than the usual security concerns of course). Turns out, Totem's father, the previous Totem, had done a little accidental time travel. Needing to return to 'the present' (aka 1960's). He got help in doing that from local, early Navajo shamans (so the mask was part Coyote & part Anubis).

One of the thieves, which we caught last night, traded information for reduced sentence. He revealed that he knew where to find the next Totem, as there were indications that the position is in some fashion hereditary (at least through a bloodline). Turns out that he's this 15-year-old kid who thought that someone else, deceased, was his father. So the kid's a little upset & next time we resume, Totem will be trying to explain things to him. Oh yeah. That'll be fun. Totem has *ahem* an interesting take on the world.

Jokes that arose out of last night's game: all the previous Totem's slept around, is that part of the position? Hmm, you don't but your father & grandfather did. Maybe it's a sex-linked trait. That's right, your dad was a Himbo (derivation from the word 'bimbo').

And there are indications that this may in fact be true. David also revealed that there is possibly another bloodline from a child sired while Dear Old Dad was 1000+ years in the past. It's also possible, that the offspring went East & journey with certain Easter Band as they sailed across the ocean (& ended up in the Valley of Moon & Stars).

tatting: I filled out my entry form & left it all with Anitra. She very kindly agreed to turn it in for me. The necklace turned out very well, if I do say so myself. I can't wait to wear it.

Books: On the way into work I read Wallflower vol 4.

letters: I finished the letters. I just need to make copies, put stamps on the envelopes & drop them into the mail. I already mailed one, I had the postage for it.

clothes: black ~slippers & slacks, black glass bead bracelet, hematite ring, 3 dragon rings (all three that I own), dragon earrings & pendant, hash mark ring, braided hair, brown/black Vorkosigan polo. Oh, & my clip watch, I found it this morning as I fixing my laptop bag.

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